The Ryazan Power Coal Power Plant (Novomichurinsk Power Station) is the fifth largest oil-fired power station in the world, also the fifth largest power station in Russia, at an installed capacity of 2,800 MW. The Ryazan Power Coal Power Plant is located in Novomichurinsk of the Ryazan Oblast, Russia. Construction began in 1968 with the first unit going online in 1973. The facility also houses one of the tallest chimneys in the world, topping out at 320 m (1,050 ft) in height. Power is generated by four units of 300 MW and two units of 800 MW.

Ryazan Power Station
Country Russia
Locale Novomichurinsk, Ryazan Oblast
Coordinates 54°02′04″N 39°46′39″E / 54.03444°N 39.7775°E / 54.03444; 39.7775 / 54.03444; 39.7775
Status Operational
Commission date 1971
Owner(s) OGK-6

Power station information
Primary fuel Coal
Fuel oil
Natural gas
Generation units 4 × 300 MW
2 × 800 MW

Power generation information
Installed capacity 2,800 MW