Frimmersdorf Coal Power Station, located in Grevenbroich, is one of the largest lignite-fired power stations in Germany. It has fourteen units with a total output capacity of 2,413 megawatts (MW), of which 277 MW are used by the station itself. The chimneys of the power station are 200 meters high.

The first power station in Frimmersdorf, fired with lignite, was established in 1926 and had an output of 26 megawatts. In 1954 this was replaced with a much larger plant that contained two 100 MW units. Over the next 15 years, this was incrementally upgraded until it supported an additional twelve 150 MW units and two 300 MW units. 1988 saw the installation of a flue gas desulphurating plant, while the two 100 MW units were shut down on 30 June.

Frimmersdorf Coal Power Station is the dirtiest power station in Europe and the third most polluting power station in the industrialised world (based on CO2 per megawatt hour sent out).