The Lambton Coal Generating Station is a coal-fuelled power plant located on the St. Clair River near Corunna, Ontario and owned by Ontario Power Generation. Lambton's generating units 1 and 2 (of 4), were put into permanent shutdown effective October 1, 2010.

The Lambton Coal Generating Station had a generating capacity of 1,976 megawatts (MW). The combined capacity of the two units still in operation is 950 MW. At one time Lambton GS generated most of the electricity used in southwestern Ontario. It is connected to the power grid via numerous 230KV lines, and also has two interconnections with Detroit Edison and ITC Transmission via a 230KV line (Lambton-St. Clair #1) and a 345 kv line (Lambton-St. Clair #2). It is located almost exactly across the St. Clair River from Detroit Edison's St. Clair Power Plant in East China, Michigan.

Of the three stacks the Lambton coal power plant has, one is equipped with flue-gas desulfurization units, commonly called "scrubbers", to remove sulfur oxide. Emissions from scrubbers at the Lambton station could be be seen for over 16 km, although with the scrubbers operating properly, these plumes likely have less SO2 compared with other coal-fired stations without scrubbers.

Emissions in Lambton Coal Generating Station

Greenhouse Gases (2009)
Greenhouse gas Sum (tonnes) Sum (tonnes CO2e*)
CO2 3,731,607.00
CH4 1,586.23 33,311
N2O 55.27 17,134
HFCs 0.01 7
Total - 3,782,059

*Calculated figures for CO2e are rounded to the nearest tonne.

Total emissions, 2004-2009
Year Emissions (tonnes CO2e)
2004 7,208,141
2005 8,738,072
2006 6,485,627
2007 8,501,943
2008 6,405,366
2009 3,782,065

Lambton Generating Station
Country Canada
Locale Corunna, Ontario
Status Permanent Shutdown
Decommission date October 1, 2010
Owner(s) Ontario Power Generation

Power station information
Primary fuel Coal

Power generation information
Installed capacity 1,976 megawatts