The Mount Storm Coal Power Plant, located on the west bank of Mount Storm Lake 2 miles (3 km) from Bismarck, West Virginia, is a coal-fired power station owned by Dominion Resources. It is the largest power plant that Dominion operates. Mt. Storm's three units can generate more than 1,600 megawatts of electricity from coal synfuel, although these units can also run on distillate fuel oil.

Generating units
Unit Generating Capacity (MWe) Commissioned Boiler Manufacturer Generator Manufacturer Engineer and Builder
1 563 September 1965 Combustion Engineering Westinghouse Electric Stone & Webster
2 563 June 1966
3 567 December 1973 Asea Brown Boveri

Mount Storm Coal Power Plant
Country United States
Locale near Bismarck, West Virginia
Status Active
Commission date Unit 1: September, 1965
Unit 2: June, 1966
Unit 3: December, 1973
Owner(s) Dominion

Power station information
Primary fuel Coal Synfuel

Power generation information
Maximum capacity 1,600 MWe