Kendal Power Station is a coal-fired power station in Mpumalanga, South Africa. Kendal was built between 1982 and 1993. The first unit went online in 1988.

Power generation is done by six 686 MW units for a total installed capacity of 4,116 MW. Turbine Maximum Continuous Rating is 16.67%.

Employees: Approximately 830

Technical details:

  • Six 686MW units
  • Installed capacity: 4 116MW
  • 2001 capacity: 3 840MW
  • Design efficiency at rated turbine MCR (%): 35.30%
  • Ramp rate: 16.67% per hour
  • Average availability over last 3 years: 93.69%
  • Average production over last 3 years: 24 691GWh
History: Construction of Kendal coal power plant began in July 1982 with its last unit coming into operation in 1993. Kendal is currently the largest coal-fired power station in the world and holds several Eskom performance records. The station is 13 years old this year.

General: Kendal has an indirect dry-cooling system, which means that it uses significantly less water in its cooling processes than the conventional wet cooled power stations. The station's cooling towers are the largest structures of their kind in the world with a height and base diameter of 165m.

Kendal Power Station
Location Mpumalanga, South Africa
Coordinates Coordinates: 26°05′24″S 28°58′17″E / 26.090088°S 28.971291°E / -26.090088; 28.971291
Owner Eskom
Status Operational
Fuel Coal
Turbines 6
Installed capacity 4,116 Megawatt
Commissioned 1988
Kendal Power Station is located in South Africa