The Taichung Power Plant is a large coal-fired power plant in Taiwan and the world. With an installed capacity of 5,780 MW, it is one of the largest coal-fired power stations in the world, and also the world's largest emitter of carbon dioxide.

The coal power plant consists of ten coal-fired units with nominal capacity of 550 MW each. Four original units were commissioned in 1992. In 1996–1997, four additional units were added. The eight older units have a total estimated coal requirement of around 12 million tonnes of bituminous and 2.5 million tonnes of sub-bituminous coal a year. In June 2005 and June 2006, 550 MW sub-critical pressure units 9 and 10 were installed. There is an expansion plan to build two new 800 MW units by 2016.

The power plant annually produces 41.3 million tons of carbon dioxide, which roughly corresponds to the CO2 emissions of Switzerland.